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Where to Get a Camel Tour in Broome

In Broome, Western Australia, camels hold deep historical and cultural roots. Introduced from India and Afghanistan during the 19th century, they served pivotal roles in transportation and labour. Muslim cameleers, essential to this process, were instrumental in shaping Australia’s infrastructure. Today, these camels symbolise Broome’s vibrant tourism landscape, and this guide offers insights into where and how to get the best camel tour experience in Broome.

Broome Camel Safaris

“Broome Camels in Blue” offers visitors a distinct experience on Cable Beach, with rides available during morning, afternoon, or sunset. Under the experienced guidance of Alison Bird, who boasts 30 years in the industry, guests can expect a scenic trip along the beachfront. 

Among the camels, some standout personalities include AMOS, a 20-year-old with a humorous side who often takes a central position in the camel train. JABUL is another 20-year-old, known for his dedication to work and reliance on Aslan, the herd’s alpha, for security. JORDAN, 21, hails from Tanami Downs station and is known for his dominant nature and past adventurous escapades, including an unplanned venture near crocodile-inhabited waters. Lastly, ENOCH, despite an early training injury, is cherished for his friendly nature and rapport with both staff and camels.

Red Sun Camels

Red Sun Camels, known for their award-winning tours, offer guests an unmatched opportunity to delve into the history of camels in Australia and understand the unique stories and traits of these majestic creatures. Their tours, lauded for both their informative and unforgettable nature, are set against the picturesque backdrop of Cable Beach. Their most sought-after offering, the Sensational Sunset Tour, provides a serene hour-long journey along Cable Beach. For those seeking a briefer experience, the Pre Sunset Sampler offers a 30-minute ride showcasing the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Alternatively, the Magical Morning Tour offers a 40-minute expedition, allowing guests to immerse in the tranquil beauty of Cable Beach during the early hours.

For those intending to partake in these experiences, Red Sun Camels is located north of the rocks on Cable Beach. Guests are advised to head to the last car park at Cable Beach, from where a driveway leads onto the beach for 4WD vehicles. Once on the beach, turning right and passing through the rocks will lead them to the first camel train, distinguishable by the red blankets, marking the starting point of their memorable journey.

Cable Beach Camels

Steve Madden founded Cable Beach Camels in 1991 and was a pioneering force in establishing Camel Tours on Cable Beach in Broome. Under his guidance, the business not only flourished but also gained international acclaim until he sold it in 2000. While Steve Madden is no longer involved, Cable Beach Camels continues to operate today, offering visitors the iconic camel tours that helped make Broome a renowned destination.

The animals used in various projects, including tourism, breeding, and racing, are carefully selected based on traits like temperament, body type, and age, ensuring a tailored experience. Visitors are welcome to bring their own cameras to capture the experience, and the team at Cable Beach Camels is more than happy to take wonderful photos for them. The camels featured in these tours boast a fascinating blend of origins, hailing from four distinct regions. This diverse background translates to a remarkable range of appearances, with variations in colour and physical attributes. 

Have questions or need assistance booking your stay in Broome? Contact us for expert guidance and personalised assistance. Your dream Broome getaway awaits!