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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got a questions or two?

Not to worry! We are here to help you plan the perfect holiday with our frequently asked questions and answers all about visiting Broome!

Here are some questions that we are most often asked. If your question is left unanswered please contact us.

What’s the cancellation policy?

Please read our cancellation policy here.

How do I get my keys for check in?

Good question! Once booking is complete you will be provided a keylock code and directions to access the property. Check in time is strictly after 2 pm. Should you need to arrive earlier at your property please contact the office at least two days prior to arrange.
After hours arrivals are fine. You can access your property and lock box anytime after 2pm when you arrive. We do not recommend driving at night through the unfenced bushland from Port Hedland to Broome due to roaming wildlife.

Where do I leave the keys on my departure?

Please return them to the locked box on your departure. If you are unable to remember the code, please leave them on the kitchen bench so that I cleaners can return.

Can I please have a late check option?

Late checkout is one of our most common questions. During the off season we will try to arrange a FREE late check out. (However this is subject to availability). Please enquire at the office. During high season we cannot guarantee any late check out. Should you have a late flight out of Learmonth Airport please contact the office directly and we can help you make suitable arrangements.

Is the property cleaned during my stay?

Each property is considered ‘self contained’ and as such our cleaners will only attend to clean on the day of your departure. Should you require cleaning during your stay, please contact the office, or alternatively you can purchase at time of booking a mid stay clean. The cost is to you the guest.

How do I leave the property on departure?

We ask that you leave the property in a similar condition to check in, ensuring that rubbish is removed and the dishwasher has been stacked and turned on. Our team will take care of laundering the linen and cleaning the property. We also ask that you complete the Maintenance form as provided so that we can attend to any items immediately.

Will I need a car in Broome?

There is public transport (bus services) in Broome, however only around the main townsite and out to Cable Beach. There are also taxi services provided by several Taxi operators.

We do however highly recommend that you hire a car if you wish to see the local area and experience Broome to the fullest. Some of Broome’s attractions can be found down unsealed and possibly rough roads, so a 4 wheel drive car would be most suitable. All the major car hire companies are represented here.

Most tour companies will pick up and drop off all guests who book with them, directly from your accommodation. There is a shuttle bus that will collect and drop off to and from the airport (fees apply).

Is there linen provided at the property and is it for free?

Yes, each property owner has provided you with bed linen, bath towels, and tea towels. Some owners may have left you beach towels, but in general you will need to provide your own. Alternatively you can hire from NRH when you make your booking. Should you be staying for an extended stay please let us know should you wish to purchase a mid stay clean and linen change over. Each home has full laundry facilities.

Are cooking utensils supplied?

All the basics have been provided in each house. Some owners have provided extensive supplies and some have provided quite basic supplies. Should you require something specific please contact the office to enquire.

Are any amenities supplied?

Each property has a ‘starter’ supply of basic washing items including dishwashing liquid, laundry powder, dishwashing tablets (if applicable), toilet paper and toiletries.  Each property will also have a new sponge, scourer and a few bin liners.

These items are not replenish-able and are simply meant as a complimentary arrival gift. The property is booked on the basis that it is ‘self contained’.

I am staying a property which has a swimming pool. What do I need to do regarding maintenance?

Each property has its own pool technician who will attend weekly to clean the pool, top up water levels and check chemical levels. Should you feel that there is something amiss, please do not hesitate to contact the maintenance department with any questions. The number is shown in your accommodation.

Do I need to put the bins on the verge for collection?

We would greatly appreciate that you put the bins on the verge on the allocated night prior to collection. This information is provided at your property.

Is there Wi-Fi at the property?

The vast majority of our holiday homes DO have WiFi available, which is often listed in the individual home description on our website. If unsure please contact our office to confirm prior to your stay. If no WiFi is available it is recommended to arrange for your own internet access or alternatively there is free WiFi around town at the Visitor Centre and various shops who advertise.

What do I do if I have a power problem or electrical appliance problem?

Power surges are common in Broome. An electrical appliance can easily trip a fuse. Turn off at the switch on the wall. Locate the fuse box and flip the switch that is turned off. Please contact the Maintenance department should you still be experiencing difficulties.

Help! I don’t have any hot water?

Most properties will have a solar hot water booster located in either the kitchen or laundry, this is noted on your A3 information sheet posted in the kitchen. Please turn this on, wait 30 and your water should be hot again. When the sunshine resumes you will need to turn this switch back OFF. Some have automatic switch offs. If you are on gas bottle hot water, you may be out of gas. Either switch over to the second gas bottle (should you be comfortable to do so) or contact the maintenance department. Please advise us on your maintenance form should you have turned over the gas bottle so that we can refill. If you have any questions or would like some help please contact us directly.

Can you tell me what happens if there’s a cyclone?

Yes! The North West Coast and Broome does have cyclones. We keep a close watch on the weather and keep our guests up to date with any cyclone news or information that might be relevant during your stay. Please ask the office for the cyclone terms and Conditions. Cyclone season is November through to April.