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Know before you go

Here’s a few travel responsibly and safety in the Kimberley region. Visitors flock to the north of Australia during the cold down south winter months.With so much on offer from gorges, sunshine, warm beaches, cultural experiences and the lure of adventure, everyone’s hearing the call of the Kimberley. Keep yourself and your travel buddies keep informed and up-to-date with everything you need to know when visiting.

Plan and plan again

The Kimberley region can become busy during the tourist season and it’s best to plan ahead so you don’t miss out on accomodation and tours. Local COVID restrictions have seen some places limit the amount of people they can cater for, booking ahead of time can save the heartache of missing out. Booking direct supports a local business, gives you the opportunity to gain get real-time local advice and puts money back into local communities.

Wear a mask (when required)

Mask wearing is compulsory in some locations, make sure you always have on with you so you’re not caught out if you’re asked to wear one. Please be kind to anyone who asks you wear a mask, they simply doing their job and ensuring you and others are safe.

Be respectful of aboriginal communities

The Kimberley region is made up of many local aboriginal communities. These communities are an essential part of cultural living and visitors are asked to show respect when visiting. Be mindful of others and if the community is closed, please do not enter, large fines apply to people who do not respect the closures and stay out.

Check the distances

The Kimberley is a very large and remote part of Australia. Check the distances you plan to travel in a car and make sure you are well prepared. Plan ahead your fuel stops and ring ahead to make sure the fuel stations will be open when you are visiting. Check road conditions and make sure your path is free from floods, road closures and open to all traffic.

Be water smart

Our beaches are so remote you may find you have the whole beach to yourself, keeping in mind that if you get into any trouble there won’t be any help available. Make the most of the beautiful, remote and stunning beaches in a safe way. Cable Beach has a professional lifeguard service during April to October, 9.00 am to 4.30 pm daily. Stay within the designated swimming area. clearly marked with red and yellow flags.

Take photos, leave footprints

Help the region keep clean by placing your rubbish in the bin. If you’re visiting a remote location, ring the local shire prior and check where rubbish disposal points are located. Take as many photographs as you can! The landscape is breathtaking and one memory card just won’t be enough.