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What’s on offer?

Wondering what the best part of booking a holiday home might be? We dig deep and showcase why booking a holiday home is a great way to holiday.

There is nothing like a bit of local knowledge!

In your search to find the ideal Broome Accommodation it is good to know exactly ‘What’s on offer’. After all, Broome is an iconic and popular holiday destination. There is a lot to choose from. So let’s break it down and see what Broome accommodation will suit your needs.

Broome Holiday Homes

In the past, if you wanted to stay in a ‘holiday home’ type Broome accommodation, you would have to spend endless time searching through the various offshore sites like Airbnb, Stayz or to find the plethora of holiday homes on offer. Whilst most of these holiday homes are well cared for, you never ‘really’ know what you are booking until you arrive. And if it is not what you thought you booked then you may be struggling to find someone to help out as they are out of town or overseas.

There are plenty of Broome Holiday Homes on offer, nearly 200 at last count listed on overseas rental websites.

So let’s talk about what we do!

We are living and working in Broome. Our staff are Broome residents. They are onsite and all they do, everyday, is manage our Broome Holiday Homes. Our list of holiday homes that we manage is growing weekly as the word gets around.

  • Our homes are immaculately clean. Cleaned by professional cleaning staff
  • Our homes are maintained by our in house maintenance man. He’s there to fix stuff, and make things safe.
  • Our owners are required to guarantee that the home they are renting to you, has all the applicable safety requirements like fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.
  • Our homes have personal touches, little gifts…and they smell nice!
  • Our staff are available should you have an emergency. In Broome, and living nearby.
  • Our staff are locals, and know all the good spots for food, fishing, a cold beer and great places to take the kids.
  • Our website has a heap of cool information. Tour companies, great places to eat, things to do. Make it your one stop shop for all things Broome.
  • When you book directly on our Australian website, you get an automatic 5% booking discount. Just for spending your money in WA and providing Broome locals with employment. Thanks for doing that!

What other Broome Accommodation is out there? Heaps!

Broome resorts & hotels

They must be popular form of Broome Accommodation as there are so many of them! The Resorts and Hotels are all over the town of Broome, so let’s break it down for you by location.

  • Broome town, or Old Broome. This is the area around the shopping and business district of Broome central. Old Broome is on Roebuck Bay and the mangroves, so this has its own charm and beauty. Old Broome is close to the shopping precinct of Chinatown. It is also where the original early homes were settled. So there is great architecture and style with many of the original Pearlers cottages.
  • Cable Beach. This can be tricky to define as there is Old Cable Beach and Cable Beach on the Beach. Most of you would be right in thinking that this is very confusing. So, way back sometime ago, a town planner decided to call a very large area of housing ‘Cable Beach’. It’s not on the beach, but it is not far from the beach. There are a few budget hotels and backpackers in this area that I can think of, no ‘resorts’.
  • Cable Beach BEACH. This is where you would most definitely think that Cable Beach Resorts would be located, and you would be correct. All the big names are in this area.  They are either a few streets back from the famous beach, or they are almost on the beach itself. Prices are at a premium between May – September. Even the mid priced resorts can be top dollar for peak dates like the Broome race week in August. Off Season rates can be a great way to get a taste of Resort living.
  • We suggest that you ‘shop around’ for the best prices. If you find a cheaper price on an overseas booking website, then contact the Resort directly and negotiate the price.
  • If you like the idea of Resort living, but not the price then we have a special property at The Oaks Cable Beach Sanctuary. A highly sought after three bedroom unit. The Oaks is our answer to your resort Broome Accommodation. At a greatly reduced price than the resort prices, it will be a popular choice.

Resort style

Speaking of resort accommodation. How about booking out your own Private Resort. Sounds too expensive and fancy doesn’t it? Well it doesn’t have to be.

Broome Holiday Homes manages some top end holiday homes which are just like your own private resort. Think about it. Imagine 10 – 12 of your closest friends and family. All able to share a large space, with plenty of outside pool and living areas. Outside all day, lounging by the pool, a few mojitos in the afternoon, a barbecue at night, kids are in bed. Listening to the frogs, kicking back in the tropical warmth.

When it comes to the price, once you have shared the love around, it can work out at less than $100 per night per person. Same price as a motel in town. I know where I would rather be.

Cheap and cheerful

As the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. But not always.

There is a huge variety of budget Broome accommodation available. Lots of backpackers, caravan parks, motels and share spaces on Airbnb. My suggestion is to look at the location. Find out where you want to be, in town or down at the beach. A lot of the cheaper options are actually advertised as ‘hotels’ but are more like hostels. So ask questions.

If you are planning on staying in some ‘share accommodation‘ then ask more questions! Who else is in the property? Is it a quiet residential street? Can I walk safely at night from the nearest restaurant? Is my part of the accommodation secure and lockable? Will I have secure parking? Whilst the majority of share accommodation is great, the old adage of ‘buyer beware’ applies.

You may find that for the same price as a hotel/motel/hostel that you can afford to stay in your own private holiday house.

Broome Holiday Homes has some extremely well priced. Search holiday home prices here.

Check out ‘Seko Kimberley Charm‘ as an example, two bedrooms, fully fenced, pet friendly and prices start at $130 – $240 a night. In Broome…that is budget accommodation!

For the commercial traveller we have apartments close to the business district. For the solo traveler we have a fantastic one bedroom unit with the option of a cheap hire car additional. Options galore. So before you book into a hostel, give the office a call. Not all our holiday homes are for large groups!

Take away from this…

  • So, firstly…get a map out and see where you want to be. Just because it says ‘Cable Beach’ don’t presume it is ON Cable Beach. Here is a good start Broome Map.
  • How are you getting around? Car, taxi, bus, walking. This will have a bearing on where to base yourself.
  • Think outside the box. Budget, mid price, top end…are all achievable in a holiday home…and I mean HOME.
  • Think about where you are spending your money. By that I mean, don’t automatically send your dollars offshore when there is a local business who will always do you the very best price. And give you the very best of local knowledge and service.