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Fun Things to Do in Broome This 2024

Western Australia’s coastal gem, is often celebrated for its spectacular sunsets and the iconic camel rides along Cable Beach. Yet, this idyllic destination is no one-trick pony; Broome has unfurled a treasure trove of new experiences that go beyond the postcard-perfect horizons and the pearls of the past. Beyond the familiar lies a cache of unexpected treasures, ready to challenge the clichés and offer compelling reasons to revisit and rediscover. Here are the less-told stories and activities that are quickly becoming the new heartbeat of Broome.

Salty Plum Social

Salty Plum Social’s art walk demystifies the artistic pulse of Broome. It’s a journey that traverses the town’s rich history through public artworks and hidden gems, culminating in a local café experience that’s heartwarmingly Broome.

Pearl Lugger

Step aboard the last free-trading pearl lugger, Willie, and surrender to the leisurely rhythm of Broome’s waters. As you sail alongside the famed Cable Beach, engage in traditional seamanship or simply soak in the splendour of sunset hues.

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm redefines luxury with its eco-conscious safari tents. These lavish quarters offer comfort nestled in nature, a stone’s throw from the pristine coastline.

The Horizontal Falls

The Horizontal Falls – a natural phenomenon known as Garaanngaddim – is now more accessible than ever. Partake in a culinary voyage with Kimberley Day Cruises that marries the majesty of nature with gastronomic artistry.

Ellenbrae Station

Ellenbrae Station’s bush baths offer an outback spa experience infused with rustic charm. This is an invitation to unwind amidst the wilderness, accompanied by gourmet platters and the serenity of nature’s orchestra.

Mount Hart Wilderness Lodge

Mount Hart Wilderness Lodge extends the adventure into the skies. Choose from an array of helicopter tours that reveal Kimberley’s secrets, from the majestic gorges to the serene Isdell Valley, ensuring memories that will resonate long after your journey concludes.

Broome forges new pathways for exploration, where each corner is a fusion of culture, nature, and innovation beyond its horizon. From the depths of the ocean to the heights of the Kimberley, Broome beckons with an invitation to explore and enrich your experience.

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